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Chef Preparing Pizza

Gete Deli -
lunch, pizza, pasta, salad, kebab, catering, Specialty coffee and pastery -Martinlaakso Vantaa

Gete Deli is a charming restaurant in the heart of Martinlaakso in Vantaa, where we offer quality food in a delicious setting. With us, you will find a versatile selection of dishes that will fulfill all your food wishes.

At lunch time you can enjoy our tasty lunch selection. Our selection includes delicious pizzas, fresh salads, rich pastas and succulent kebabs, which guarantee a taste pleasure for each of our guests. Our dishes combine fresh ingredients and skillfully selected spices to make every bite perfect.

In addition, we offer a catering service for special events. Regardless of whether you are organizing a party, meeting or event, you can count on our expertise to provide high-quality food and delicacies that will make your occasion unforgettable.

Gete Deli also offers a wide selection of delicious coffee drinks for specialty coffee lovers. You can enjoy a rich espresso or treat yourself to a delicious cappuccino. We also offer other delicacies such as fresh baked goods and sweet snacks to complement your dining experience perfectly.

So come and be our guest at Gete Deli and let us spoil you with delicious food. We offer tasty lunches, pizzas, pastas, kebabs, catering service, special coffees and delicacies. We warmly welcome you to enjoy taste experiences in the heart of Martinlaakso in Vantaa.

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March's tastiest morsels. Homemade base, fresh and tasty ingredients and finished with love. All pizzas include tomato sauce and grated mozzarella cheese and, if you wish, garlic.

Gete deli herkullinen kanapasta

Delicious pastas & salads

Gete deli makes delicious pastas and salads from fresh ingredients. Simple ingredients, where the flavors come out well. Even a lunch break can be a pleasure for the whole soul. Come and enjoy Martinlaakso's most delicious pastas and salads.

Gete deli kahvit

Specialty coffees

Gete Deli offers you delicious specialty coffees that will make your coffee time more comfortable. Whether it's a morning boost, a relaxing afternoon break or a moment in the company of friends, Gete Del's Specialty Coffees offer you a taste experience you won't forget.

Buffet Style

Gete Deli Catering

Gete Deli offers you high-quality and individual catering services that will make your event unforgettable. Whether it's a business event, a party or a private evening out, we'll take care of the food for you so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

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