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Gete Deli - Catering - Catering service - Martinlaakso Vantaa

Catering - a catering service for all services for your parties or events

We only use the best ingredients and invest in the quality and presentation of the food. We combine delicious flavors, fresh ingredients and handcrafted treats to make every bite a pleasure.

With our flexibility and professionalism, we can tailor our catering services completely to your needs. We take care of the food, drinks, serving and even the dishes so you don't have to worry about the details. Our mission is to make your event memorable and effortless.

It is also possible to order a delicious family dinner from us or, for example, ready-made meals for three days. We have also created international food menus, which we know as test menus. The chef and founder of Gete Deli has traveled around the world and prepared about 30 different menus from different countries, such as Testi Greece, Testi Mediterraneo, Testi India, Testi Ethiopia, Testi Italy, Testi Mexico, Testi Thailand, Testi Japan, Morocco and others.


"My catering idea came about in general when I was working as a tour operator, because my travels sparked my interest in food and culture. Cooking is my passion and my second profession, so I started collecting cookbook shelves full of my travels (the only thing I buy as souvenirs) and started sharing my test experiences with others. I read and added dishes that people specifically asked for on my menus."

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